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This system features the Billet GP Lever with a built-in 90 degree gear box. On the control side, the system features a Billet "Clicker" Knob turning on the end of the adjusting wand. The mount is secured to the clutch side clip-on (7/8" bar) via a unique billet clamp assembly which offers virtually unlimited mounting positioning through the use of a slide/spherical mounting.

Only the highest quality parts are used throughout including: all billet construction, brass bevel gears, aerospace quality flexible torsion shafting and stainless hardware.


This lever should not be used on any motorcycle, or in any application, other than specified. Doing so could result in serious bodily injury, a crash, and/or equipment damage. This component should be installed by a certified mechanic or qualified technician. It is intended for closed course race applications only.
CRGmoto | Constructors Racing Group, LLC | Made in the U.S.A.