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Serious Road Racers, Sport Street Riders, and Supermotard Racers have searched for a cable clutch lever with the features to address the demands of hardcore asphalt riding.

Variable Leverage ratio allows for a lighter or heavier clutch pull, and also allows for a tunable clutch modulation. The CRG GP Cable Clutch lever features 30mm / 26 mm / 22mm Pivot to Anchor Center positions enabling the rider to find the right ratio for the given bike or conditions.

Top level riders are frequently adjusting clutch cable slack to compensate for thermal and wear changes in the clutch system during racing and riding situations. The CRG GP Cable Clutch features a large detent style adjusting wheel to manually adjust the cable slack. Additionally, we have innovated a unique “Racheting Thumb Pad” which allows for adjustment of cable slack at a defined limit, 60 degrees of turn, per engagement. An added benefit of the rachet pad is that the rider need not remove his hand from the grip in order to adjust the cable slack.

The CRG GP Cable Clutch has infinitely adjustable static positioning. By turning the “Micro Clicker Knob”, the optimal static (open rest) position of the lever can be tuned in for rider preference depending on variables of hand size, grip diameter, glove thickness, and hand fatigue.

Another high quality feature of the CRG GP Cable Clutch is the Ball bearing pivot. Ours is not the only clutch lever with ball bearings, but CRG takes this element to a new benchmark. With two 16mm outer diameter shell bearings, spaced in a wide clevis configuration, no other clutch lever can offer a similar level of smooth action, while eliminating lateral slop / play.

Crash protection. The CRG GP Cable Clutch has two features which address potential damage in a tip over condition. First, the lever has a outer section and inner section which are connected via a folding hinge. The hinge in held in its normal position utilizing a heavy load detent / ball / spring. When hit at the lever tip, the lever is allowed to hinge away from a potentially damaging blow. The lever can then be pushed back to its normal position, where the ball / spring / detent clicks the lever back into its normal position. Additionally, the lever is clamped to the handle bar with a Teflon sleeve between handlebar and perch clamp. This feature allows the entire assembly to turn on the handle bar should the lever or perch assembly be impacted in areas other than the lever tip.

$399.95 ea.
Available online

Cable Housing end to Cable anchor center
(range of adjustment)
38mm - 53mm
  Maximum Cable anchor Diameter 8.50mm
  Maximum Cable Housing Diameter 8.00mm
  Maximum Cable Diameter 2.50mm

This lever should not be used on any motorcycle, or in any application, other than specified. Doing so could result in serious bodily injury, a crash, and/or equipment damage. This component should be installed by a certified mechanic or qualified technician. It is intended for closed course race applications only.

CRGmoto | Constructors Racing Group, LLC | Made in the U.S.A.