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Designed as a replacement / upgrade for the 19 X 18 and 16 X 18 Brembo GP Master Cylinders, this component has been developed for Supermoto and Roadrace applications. This is a Medium length lever, 15mm shorter than the Brembo part it replaces. The shorter length allows the lever to fit under the handguards of most Supermoto applications without modification.

The folding hinge allows the lever upward movement, thus reducing the chance of breakage in a tip over condition.

The Brembo GP Replacement Lever is the perfect match for bikes using a Brembo GP Radial Master Cylinder for the front brake, and a CRG Roll-A-Click Clutch Lever. Offered as either Brake or Clutch (please specify when ordering).

$119.00 ea.
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Radial Master Cylinder
  Brake 19 x 18, 16 X 18
  Radial Master Cylinder 16 x 18

This lever should not be used on any motorcycle, or in any application, other than specified. Doing so could result in serious bodily injury, a crash, and/or equipment damage. This component should be installed by a certified mechanic or qualified technician. It is intended for closed course race applications only.
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